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RP-407 Shadow Early Desgin by Buff55
RP-407 Shadow Early Desgin
This was the beginning of Shadow. Made in…

He was originally a pony version of Shadow the Hedgehog but is now the robotic keldeo that you see in The Mecha Chronicles.
Emote OC - Opain 2 
Chapter 5

The Battle for Galven B

Shadow: [lunges at Mecha Discord]

Mecha Discord: That won't work this time. MALWARE!!!

Malware: [blocks Shadow's attack and begins to corrupt Shadow and take over his body]

Shadow: Metanoid help me.

(Metanoid: [burns Malware]

Malware: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BY!!!!! [sparks come out of Malware' s body as he melts]

Shadow: It.s over Mecha Discord. [Slashes Mecha Discord and cuts him in half] What did I tell you. Wait, something's wrong.

(Shadow looks at Mecha Discord only to find that it was a decoy made out of tinfoil)

Metanoid: And this isn't a mechamorph. Look at this. [Picks up melted nanobots]

Upgrade: Thank you Shadow for saving us.

Shadow: I'm afraid that this was just a diversion. He's planning something. Something big.

(In Mecha Discord's base)

Mecha Discord: Shadow, how did you like my little diversion. Soon you will be history and no one would be able to stop me.

????????: But how would you know that?

Mecha Discord: Hmm? Oh I didn't see you there master. [Bows down to her]

????????: Do you remember your mission?

Mecha Discord: Yes. Conquer Equestria.

(They both laugh as equestria appears on screen. Lights turn on to reveal millions of robots ready to complete the mission)

End of chapter.
The Mecha Chronicles Chapter 5
Part 5 of Shadow' s adventure.
The Mecha Chronicles
Chapter 4: Welcome to the Empire

(Somewhere in space above Mobules)
Shadow: [releases chip 492]

Metanoid: Why are you releasing chips?

Shadow: I might need help. [flies past Galven B]

Metanoid: For what?

(A large arm comes out of Galven B and pulls Shadow to the surface)

Shadow: [Grunts and struggles to break free]

(Shadow gets dragged to the surface. Once shadow lands the arm melts into the ground)

Shadow: [stares at the surface] I don’t like the look of this. [Uses horn to scan the surface]

(the scan turns up negative for the arm but positive for life forms)

Shadow: We aren’t alone. {activates his horn’s sword mode]

(the ground starts shaking as a mechamorph rises from the ground)

Shadow: [slashes his sword at it]

The mechamorph: [dodges it by splitting its body in half and fusing it back together]
Shadow: What?!! [scans it]

Metanoid: What is that thing?

Shadow’s internal computer: Scan complete. No results found.

Shadow: Oh great…

Metanoid: Um Shadow.

Shadow: What.

(twenty mechamorphs pile on top of them)

Metanoid: That.

Shadow: [groans] Get off me!!!! [grunts and throws off all the mechamorphs. Starts to fight them]

Metanoid: Shadow wait. These aren’t hostile life forms.

Shadow: How do you know that their not hostile?

Metanotd: That.

(Shadow notices the mechamorphs were waving a white flag.)

Shadow: [facepalms]

(the mechamorph elder steps forward)
The elder: I am Upgrade the leader of the mechamorphs and I welcome you to Galven B.

Shadow: I’m Shadow from Metal Equestria and this is Pyrus Metanoid.

Metanoid: It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Upgrade: You were prophesied to save us from a great evil.

Shadow: Um what evil?

?????: ME!!!! [steps out from the shadows to reveal a familiar dragon like body]

Shadow: Mecha Discord!

?????: And me.

(a red mechamorph body rises from the surface)

Upgrade: Malware!

Shadow: [lunges at Mecha Discord and Malware]

Meanwile on Mobules.

Dr. Eggman: My factory seems to be working. Soon I will have an army of Metal Sonics!!!!!!

(A picture of Metal Sonic shows up on screen but for a few seconds it shows RP-492 than it switches back to Metal Sonic.)

Dr. Eggman: Orbot, what was that?

Orbot: I don’t know. Hang on, whatever it was is on the assembly line.

(Robotic arms grab metal legs and wings than welds them on to RP-492’s body. Thrusters get put into each hoof and its head gets mounted and welded into place. The arms grab the standard animal power cell but throw it into an incinerator. They then grab a solar power cell and ten fake chaos emeralds and place it inside of its body. It gets a paint job with the same colors as Dr. Eggman and the chip gets placed inside of it’s head.)

RP-492’s computer: Welcome to RPOS v 6.4.9 Activating in five five five. Warning code rewritten. Setting old OS as a core. Welcome to Egg OS v 6.4.9. All hail Robotnik!!!

RP-492: [opens his eyes to reveal Metal Sonic’s eyes] [beeps]

Dr. Eggman: What are you?

RP-492: I am your servant, master. [bows down to Eggman] Do you wish to name me.

Dr. Eggman: Of course. I shall name you Jet. Welcome to the Eggman Empire.

(they both laugh as they zoom out to reveal Eggman Land)

End of chapter.
The Mecha Chronicles Chapter 4
Shadow's story continues.

The mechamorphs, Malware, Upgrade, and Galven B belong to cartoon network
Dr Eggman, Orbot And Metal Sonic belong to Sega
Everyone else belongs to me.
I am Buff55, CEO of Redstone solutions Incorporated. Now I am here to tell you about my most resent creation, The Smartglow Light System. This system uses the most advanced of redstone physics. The system was designed to turn your lights on and off with the time. I will install it in your home for 1 block of dirt.Emoticon Emotorise 2 


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I am a robloxian and the proud commander of m force

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