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Sango cosplays Kirara by Buff55 Sango cosplays Kirara :iconbuff55:Buff55 0 0 Minecraft Biting Pear by Buff55 Minecraft Biting Pear :iconbuff55:Buff55 2 0
Streaming Now!
Welcome to my stream.
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Stream dates by Buff55 Stream dates :iconbuff55:Buff55 0 0
Streaming all month
As I look over at my old Picarto account I began to wonder what I should stream. I quickly glossed over my programs and found a game that I have forgotten. Minecraft with mods... I will stream every Sunday this March on the GatchaChannel. The final build will be posted on the MC Forums.
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Lapis Lazuli Costume TG (LONG AND UNFINISHED) by Buff55 Lapis Lazuli Costume TG (LONG AND UNFINISHED) :iconbuff55:Buff55 2 0 Happy Birthday kawaiineko-pancakes by Buff55 Happy Birthday kawaiineko-pancakes :iconbuff55:Buff55 0 0 Apeture by Buff55 Apeture :iconbuff55:Buff55 1 0
The Mecha Chronicles Chapter 6
The Mecha Chronicles 
Chapter 6 
The prophecy revealed 
(On Galven B’s surface Upgrade is leading Shadow and Metanoid to a temple) 
Shadow: Upgrade could you tell us about this prophecy. 
Upgrade: Come into this temple and I will explain everything. 
(They follow Upgrade and find a painting of Shadow fighting a cloud of darkness with Metanoid by his side. There were eight strange golems with markings next to them and a giant robot with a sword in front of a planet. There were also six chips with the numbers 406, 492, 432, 477, 400, and 407 on them.) 
Shadow: What does this mean? [looks at the chips than realizes what it meant] 
Upgrade: I see that you have figured out that you are destined to save the universe. Here. Take this artifact, it will help you on your travels. [hands shadow a
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RP-407 Shadow Early Desgin by Buff55 RP-407 Shadow Early Desgin :iconbuff55:Buff55 0 0
The Mecha Chronicles Chapter 5
Chapter 5
The Battle for Galven B
Shadow: [lunges at Mecha Discord]
Mecha Discord: That won't work this time. MALWARE!!!
Malware: [blocks Shadow's attack and begins to corrupt Shadow and take over his body]
Shadow: Metanoid help me.
(Metanoid: [burns Malware]
Malware: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BY!!!!! [sparks come out of Malware' s body as he melts]
Shadow: It.s over Mecha Discord. [Slashes Mecha Discord and cuts him in half] What did I tell you. Wait, something's wrong.
(Shadow looks at Mecha Discord only to find that it was a decoy made out of tinfoil)
Metanoid: And this isn't a mechamorph. Look at this. [Picks up melted nanobots]
Upgrade: Thank you Shadow for saving us.
Shadow: I'm afraid that this was just a diversion. He's planning something. Something big.
(In Mecha Discord's base)
Mecha Discord: Shadow, how did you like my little diversion. Soon you will be history and no one would be able to stop me.
????????: But how would you know that?
Mecha Discord: Hmm? Oh
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The Mecha Chronicles Chapter 4
The Mecha Chronicles
Chapter 4: Welcome to the Empire
(Somewhere in space above Mobules)
Shadow: [releases chip 492]
Metanoid: Why are you releasing chips?
Shadow: I might need help. [flies past Galven B]
Metanoid: For what?
(A large arm comes out of Galven B and pulls Shadow to the surface)
Shadow: [Grunts and struggles to break free]
(Shadow gets dragged to the surface. Once shadow lands the arm melts into the ground)
Shadow: [stares at the surface] I don’t like the look of this. [Uses horn to scan the surface]
(the scan turns up negative for the arm but positive for life forms)
Shadow: We aren’t alone. {activates his horn’s sword mode]
(the ground starts shaking as a mechamorph rises from the ground)
Shadow: [slashes his sword at it]
The mechamorph: [dodges it by splitting its body in half and fusing it back together]
Shadow: What?!! [scans it]
Metanoid: What is that thing?
Shadow’s internal computer: Scan complete. No results found.
Shadow: Oh great…
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The Mecha Chronicles Chapter 3
The Mecha Chronicals
Chapter 3: The Mecha Bakugan Return
(shadow flying past planet Vestel)
Shadow: [launches chip number RP-432 Metanoid]
(the chip enters the atmosphere and lands in the Vexos museum’s Mechanical Bakugan Program Exhibit)
Mira Clay: [giving a tour of the museum] And this is the mechanical bakugan assembly…[notices that it’s running] um Keith did you start the assembly line?
Keith Clay: No I didn’t.
(the line started to form a horse like robot with the pyrus insignia. It was soon painted red and white and the chip falls into its head)
Metanoid’s internal computer: Welcome to RPOS MB Edition v9000.999999999.9999999 Activating now.
Metanoid: [roars and turns into a bakugan ball]
Mira: [looks at Metanoid]
Metanoid: [Teleports to shadow]
Shadow: [hears something] huh? [switches to Keldeo mode]
Metanoid: Bakugan stand!! Activate pyrus Metanoid!!!
Shadow: [growls at Metanoid and fires a laser at it]
Metanoid: [grunts and turns back into a ball]
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The Mecha Chronicles Chapter 2
The Mecha Chronicles
Chapter 2 : Help from Mann.
(At the Mann Co. Australium Space Center)
Announcer: Alert. The enemy has the Australium.
Blu Scout: [runs past Dell] This is way too easy. [makes it to the rocket]
Announcer: The Australium is on the lift!!!!
Scout: [about to put the australium in the rocket]
Announcer: ALERT!!! UFO DETECTED!!!!!
Dell: What?
Shadow: [enters the atmosphere and smashes through the rocket]
Rocket: [Sparks]
Scout: [Looks at the rocket] Uhh.
Rocket: [explodes]
Dell: Spy’s sappen’ mah sentry!!!
Spy: What? [looks at Shadow coming at him] Oh… merde.
Shadow: [knocks the spy out]
Dell: [runs into the crater that Shadow made] There comes a time when you just need a little less gun. [Spots Shadow in a pile of scrap metal] You alright? What’s your name son?
Shadow: Sha- [grunts and clenches chest in hoof as sparks fly out] [Passes out due to a lack of power]
Dell: [Picks up Shadow and runs back to his workshop to start repairs and finds the s
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The Mecha Chronicles Chapter 1
The Mecha Chronicles
Chapter 1: The adventure begins.
(in space somewhere above earth)
????: [Low and evil laugh] Goodbye Shadow. [shoots shadow in the chest with a laser]
Shadow: [grunts, passes out then falls to Earth]
????: [flies off into space]
(scene pauses)
Shadows voice: I should probably explain how I got into that fight but in order to do that we will have to go back a few months to when this all began.
(Story rewinds to ten months ago)
(a planet shows up on screen)
Shadow’s voice: This is Metal Equestria and my home world. Now let’s get on the surface and my lab.
(a dome like building appears)
Shadow: [stretches and yawns after he wakes up]
Shadow’s voice: My name is RP-407 Shadow and I’m one of the greatest scientific minds on M.E.
Wheatly: [on a management rail] Good morning Shadow.
Shadow’s voice: That’s Wheatly and he’s one of my closest friends and my lab assistant. If you were wondering how I met him, well….
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.ASHX FILE DECODE by Buff55 .ASHX FILE DECODE :iconbuff55:Buff55 0 0


Hey guys. Just found out about a cool trick that can be done with a wiimote and a IR light pen. If it all goes well I may have a great art tablet that only costs at most $25. This can be done using a program called Pentabulous. All that needs to be done is link a wiimote to a pc using bluetooth and having it detect the IR light from the pen.

Download link for Pentabulous:…  (I know the site seems sketchy but it's safe)

Edit: It did not work for me because of my Bluetooth driver. The recommended Toshiba driver is not compatible with my Ralink Bluetooth transceiver.

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